Welcome to LCS

Introduction to LCS

Linkfield Corporate Solutions (LCS) is one of the Midland’s fastest growing commercial insurance brokers and risk management specialists in the United Kingdom. In which we provide a wide range of insurance products and services for all types of commercial businesses (including credit hire).

As an independent commercial insurance broker, LCS has access to the complete insurance market and this allows us to source the right insurance coverage that best meets your specific needs at the most competitive premiums. We believe in developing successful long-term relationships by providing all our clients with expert service and personal attention on a daily basis.

As an experienced insurance specialist, we believe in tailored solutions to large corporate companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Customer satisfaction is essential to the success of LCS. We work in a highly competitive market and achieve our objectives through the commitment, quality, and efficiency of our staff.

Our extensive insurance knowledge and skills ensure that we provide you with a high-quality service for all your insurance needs. LCS is an active member of the COBRA Network, the UK’s leading, independent network of commercial insurance brokers. COBRA Network membership provides us with direct access to Lloyd’s market and other specialist insurers including exclusive access to a range of insurance products and schemes that are not available elsewhere.